Trying to print Z Nylon with M300 Dual

Hello there, we failed 7 or 8 prints in a row trying to print a very simple extruded shape with the certified Zortrax Z Nylon. We are using the latest suite and the latest firmware. We tried with the perforated bed and with the glass bed. We purchased and tried 4 different glues ( vision minor, magic goo, and two other brands). Basically, we experienced bed adhesion problems, meaning that we couldn’t have even the first layer finished and we have been feeling very frustrated. Thank you for your help.

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Z-Nylon is highly prone to warping. It is required to use the HEPA cover and side covers.

Do you have the HEPA cover?

By the way, please send me the zcodex of the model you’re trying to print with Z-Nylon. I’ll check if everything is ok with it software-wise.

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I’ll search for the model and yes we always print with Hepa Cover and side doors

Hello Marcin, this is the file that we attempted to print many times with hepa cover on and doors installed. Thank you for your help.

arri dovetail 2.zcodex (556.5 KB)


Thanks for the zcodex.
I’ll contact you via PM about the results of my tests.

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Ok Marcin, I’ll waif for it. Thanks


I’m sorry for lack of response. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The best results I received with having a separate perforated plate and separate hotend for the purpose of printing the Z-Nylon.

I received feedback from our Service Center in the US that you’re not satisfied with the product. I’ve seen all the factors that made you to return the device. We are aware that printing speed is crucial and it is a priority for us. Also, the materials supported on the M300 /M300 Plus will be added to the Dual printer in the future.

Thank you for the analysis. We really appreciate that. It’s really helpful and I hope you’ll buy the M300 Dual again.

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