Turning lemons into lemonade. (Trick the system)



For those of us that have had the issue of prints that "fail in one specific area" of the build platform, I've found that if you use a sacrificial object you can continue to use your printer until you have the issue resolved.

Since z-suite automatically centers every print once it has been converted to zcode, I put a stray 3 minute object in the corner of the print bed that does not print. This forces z-suite to not center the object on the bed.

My entire print bed prints perfect except the back left quarter. So that is where I put the sacrificial object.

You can see in the prints of the raft that the sacrificial raft is no where to be seen, but the part that I want to print is printing perfect.

P.S.  Zortrax "HAS" sent out the parts to fix my temporary problem.  The parts will be at my house tomorrow. Also from what I can see the Zortrax company has been very fair in there dealings with customers. 

Brilliant!!!!!!! :D

I may have to use this trick. My back right quadrant is having issues with layers peeling apart.