UAZ 31514

hi guy, this is my model 1:10 scale


Fantastic job!

Truly impressive design and print! Good job and don't forget to upload more pic's when fully done!


"salt dustering"



Yeah, awesome print! Can't wait for more pictures!!

Can't believe you took a new body and rusted it out already.. lol :D

coolest thing I've seen printed thus far!


the first two prints with abs normal suffer from delamination or deformation.
I then used the z-t ultra successfully


Another problem is caused by the bad finish of the last layer, which forces it to print the pieces standing

the aging of the body scale is a common practice among the modelers, you can not see a uaz as output from the store;)

I can not add more images ...
you can follow developments in my facebook page "3D scaler"

great job !!!!

would like to know the process for the rust painting effect.

great job !!!!

would like to know the process for the rust painting effect. 

hello guys, can anyone help with a development 3d?
I would like to realize the fiat panda in the same way that you see uaz

i have realize it  :D

complimenti !!! … great project !!!

wonderful work !

Hi i woud like to know how you paint the first model in grey ( first picture of the topic ) with glossy grey . could you let me know the differents steps ( sand paper ? acetone vapor ? primer ? acrylic spray paint ?

and also where you find this model 3d . 

Thanks to let me know 

Also to know which glue did u use to glue different parts ?