Ukulele Stand


I could not find a nice stand for my Ukulele on thingiverse, so I designed one myself.

Out of the printer:


fits pretty good to my ukulele:


I'm satisfied with the result but how can I avoid those blobs? I cleaned the nozzle in acetone just before the print. I also mounted the desk where the printer is standing on to the wall, so it should be rigid enough. 

nice job very simple and very functional

Those blobs are pretty normal and should scrape off easily and cleanly with a fingernail or small chisel/knife.

From the few prints that I did looks like a little oozing at the end of a retraction landing point.

They can be easily cleaned by hand but on a big print it is a pain in the a**.

Can I suggest a little bit longer retraction in the next zsuite.

Can also be solved by lowering (raising) Z axis then landing inside the print area. This way the blobs are hidden inside the print.

And third, lowering the temperature by 10C solves this.

On some printers this also is one of the factors that causes burn marks in the print.

Very Nice Job !!!