UL listed filaments


Anyone know if Z-materials fullfill UL 94 V-1 flame retandand requirements? Haven’t found anything within spec. Any other filaments on the market?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm not even UL 94 HB, huuups :slight_smile:


I know (not personaly, as a customer only) a french company that produces V-0 flammability class abs filament, could it be ok for you ?



This project has been rejected, but yes, if possible plese send me a link of your resource for this ABS. Might be helpful for next projects. Thanks.

They only ship to France, Belgium, Luxembourg and new from today to Germany also.

You have to kindly ask. :-)

Since yesterday I tried that filament and the test ended today with my hotend needing repair (finally caused by me, but filament did it's part).


There is a running gag going around in the forum about 'dangerous filaments', using that myself.

Today I would tell that this special filament is such a dangerous thing without joking.


To be clear: If one wants (or has to) print parts that have some classification according to flammable behavior, it can be printed but one has to be careful.


First I noticed that on loading the filament the extruded string looks quite odd, just if it was already coming out burned with some knots (printed with 250C, tried 230 and 270 also, filament is rated 220-280C). I asked back what's wrong with it and was told that this is normal and I should just print it. 


I did and the print completed without trouble (at the 2nd attempt, just another of those overloaded spools that unwind themselves until filament is tangled).

The surfaces are not as accurate a with other (Z-)ABS and it looks like there is some material mix in the surface and it's more rough than usually.


This is not a problem at all, think users of other printers would be happy to have such surfaces, but printed art should not be expected to work with that filament.

The first print was a Lid for a case, next I tried to print the box for it too. That print stopped in the middle with a clogged nozzle.


I tried to get some Z-ABS trhu and the nozzle clean, but it didn't work still after 30 minutes trying. That's why I replaced the nozzle.

But even with that new nozzle I got still that knots extruded wich was not from the Z-ABS. I think this stuff was just collected inside the nozzle (the old one) and in the tube. I removed the nozzle again and extruded without it and got real ugly stuff out of the tube. And finally when I thought that it's all clean now I put the nozzle back and it cracked while tightening it (not a filament issue anymore, but hot end needed some care now).


After all If one has to, or wants to use it, be careful about what happens inside the tube and nozzle (maybe cleaning between prints can prevent clogging) and finally: Don't print in the house without separate ventilation, that fumes and smell is the worst I ever noticed.

For injection moulding my company using plasticizer which by the way change ABS properties into flame retandand, every plasticizer is toxic and just 1-2% of it should be added, plasticizers decrease glass transition temperature if you can smell it from extruded filament then someone added too much of it or wrong kind of plasticizer and ruined properies of ABS leave your nozzle and tube in acetone for few hours it will clean it.