Ultrafuse 316l metal filament


Can we print ultrafuse 316l filament on Zortrax? I saw that it could be printed on a ultramaker 3d printer.


Hey there!
Producer recommends to print this material with steel nozzle, as it can wear-down brass nozzle (M200 Plus has brass nozzle).
Besides, as it requires high bed temperature, HEPA Cover and Side Covers may be necessary.


Hi Marta,
Thank you for answer! so i could print if i replace the nozzle?
Do you have any suggestion for the steel nozzel, and do i need to change hotend to?


Basically, yes, but remember that users install third party components on their own responsibility. We cannot guarantee that with different nozzle, you will get a satisfying results. I didn’t see any notice regarding full-metal hotend, but I suspect that PTFE tube inside our hotend may wear much faster while printing such kind of materials.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to recommend any specific nozzle, but maybe other users will be able to recommend you some solution :slight_smile:


Thank you Marta! maybe someone has some suggestion for compatible steel nozzel.