Ultrasonic wash falling apart

just picked up my zortrax ultrasonic wash today to empty out and pack away as I have to move to another job… and the side handle fell off the body in my hands… showering dirty sticky IPA everywhere
how much was this unit £350 or so ? cmon zortrax build quality is shameful for the price please sort this out the tiny self tappers have now fell into the cavity of the machine and I cannot retrieve them… what am I expected to do with this now???
not happy

Hi, Robert.

In such cases it’s best to send us a support form as soon as possible.
We will replace the device, Marcin will provide you with all the necessary information.

looking further at the issue
the handle seems to be crumbling and has many hairline cracks … looks to me like the IPA is eating the plastic … major design fault …. I think we need metal handles on this …… hmnn

Hi, Robert.

We’ll look into that matter.
We’ve already sent you a new Ultrasonic Cleaner. In case of any questions, please contact Marcin via e-mail.