Unable to update firmware M300 plus


I have problem updating firmware. Currently have September (2.4.2) version of firmware and manual or auto updates don’t work.
Any way to do so? All problems started since I was forced to registered my device in Icloud. First update worked and after that kept seeing message that my device is not registered despite it appear in Icloud. Have to re-registered it again. Since then I managed to update firmware once. Now I can’t do it at all, online or from usb.


Hi @BlueBoxGoblin,

Please, try updating the firmware via USB once again and make sure you do so in the following way. Download the newest version from our download center and copy “update.zar2” file to a formatted USB drive. Then you can either restart the device (so it should detect the update file while launching) or go to about printer -> check for updates. The device should recognize the update file as well. If the newest update does not work - please try with the previous one. Also, make sure there is no other update file on the USB already.

If you are still unable to update the firmware - please, provide a video showing what is happening when you try to update the device.

Best regards,


I managed to do it manually. File name downloaded from your site had name M300plus.zar2 and this probably confused the printer, so I changed it.
However I still can’t do it online. I will wait till next update and have a go again.
Thank you



Thank you for the update. I am glad you managed to update the firmware. Also, thank you for letting us know about the file’s name - we already changed it.