Unable to use device after firmware update

We use our M200 Plus quite often with a heavy work load and everything was working great. Until. Today there was a notice of a firmware update (v2.6.2). I let the printer update and now I can’t do anything. The printer beeps once, flashes green and the print bed raises about 1 inch and then lowers. This keeps repeating. I can navigate the on screen menu but no option will complete. How do I fix this?

Hi @dstech,

please, revert to 2.6.0 firmware until we provide a fix. Extract the folder and copy update.zar2 file onto the USB. Once you restart the printer - it should detect the update file and install it.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

Best regards

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This is exactly what mine does! The platform thinks its at the top of the stroke when it’s at the bottom.
I didn’t even approve the firmware update. It did it by itself.
At least I know now though.

I’m now not able to revert to 2.6.0 as my M200+ requires a PIN number to allow the programme to load! I have registered my machine, and it shows it is registered on the website. How do I find the PIN number?
Many thanks

Hi @dasonba,

in such a case - please either unregister the printer in Zortrax ID (your devices -> view details -> unregister the device - this option can be found at the bottom of the page) and register it again, or simply register another (the same) device, so the new PIN code will be provided.

We have just released 2.6.3 update that fixes the problems you have been facing. Please, install the newest update and let us know if it works.

Best regards

Thank you I will try

Our printer is also pretty useless after upadate tu Z-Suite.
Support material alswas meltet into model no way from getting it off.
Surface also looks worse than before.
Don´t know it´s because Software or Firmware.
Played with settings but without fixing the problem of support material.

Hi @mimck,

please note that this topic refers to the firmware for the M200 Plus, not M200 printers. Zortrax M200 and M300 3D printers were discontinued in 2018. The last software updates for these devices were implemented in Z-SUITE 2.8.0 (released in February 2019), hence installing one of the newest updates definitely would not have caused the issues you are facing. Most likely - some consumable parts require replacement.

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