Unclogging a clogged Nozzle

Hey Gang,

After loads of help from Martin and a complete disassebly of the heater and nozzle, the problem is solved.

actually an easier fix than I first thought.

Here is my method.

  1. Unload filament and turn off, let nozzle cool.

  2. Remove nozzle (tool in tool box)

  3. Turn back on. Run load filament routine to heat heater. Do not load filament, let residue ABS inside heater core melt and drip out of the open end of the heater block. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the remainder of the residue ABS slug down and out of the heater core. Heater block/core should be free of residue ABS.

  4. Turn off and let heater block cool. re-install clogged nozzle.

  5. Turn back on. Run load filament routine to heat heater. Do not load filament. Let it heat up and go through the filament load routine until the filament gear stops turning.

  6. Take steel guitar string .010 gauge and thread through filament feeder block and down into heater block/core, do not use excessive force, feel the travel, there will be a little resistance when it reaches the nozzle clog, but gentle pressure should push it past and out.

  7. Do not pull the string back out, but clip it off at the filament feed block and pull it all the way through using needle nose pliers (this will ensure that no ABS gets carried back through the Nozzle orifice and re-deposited)

  8. Re-run the filament load routine, and carry on printing.

Martins Advice, should a blockage be persistent, is to soak the nozzle in warm Acetone and then try the guitar string again.

Andy M

Out of curiousity…What is actually causing the clogs? You would think since the clog itself is ABS it should simply melt and go away? Or better…what is the material composition of such a clog? I was always wondering about that. I never experienced a clog on my old printer.

BTW… Geisterfahrer…are you German?

Thank you geister ! That will be useful, I’m sure ! :slight_smile:

The clog had me baffled,it was printing just fine right before it happened. It was printing a raft for the print that i have running right now, and I am taking pains to ensure that there is no loose debris on the print bed from previous prints, before i start a new one.

Once i got the guitar string through, whatever was there came right out, stuck to the hot guitar string. I suspect head/platform alignment, but i have been checking that before every print too, using a Bulleye Level, first levelling the whole machine via the x,y axis and then the build platform. it does no good to just level the build platform if the entire machine is not level either. Maybe the nozzle came too close, or actually into contact with the build platform and got clogged that way. Nope, I’m not German, English with a South African Upbringing and an American lifestyle. :wink:

I don’t have a printer yet so forgive my stupid question. The part that gets clogged is the nozzle orifice that you remove right, then it would be better to wash it in acetone in ultrasonic bath. I it would not help then I would go with the guitar string etc. One can use needle i think too.

@smile - I suggest to focus on issues related to the use of printers, theories and speculation at the moment we leave.

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Suggestion to clean with non mechanical ways should be thanked on not otherwise, my friend always uses this method so I wanted to share this. What’s wrong with that?