Unexpected surface pattern

Hello, sometimes when slicing a file with Z-Suite I see that a surface I expected to be one shape is broken in two. It seems to happen on angled features. If you look at the image the piece on the right it has the issue and has an undesirable seam down the middle of it. Is it possible to avoid this?

Hmm also I tried to attach a file and was told im not allowed as a new user…

Hi, @Gil.

You can upload files up to 10 MB, maybe that’s the reason you couldn’t attach it.
I need to check .stl and .zcodex files, so I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Here are the relevant files. Note the angled feature on the right in the image has 2 “faces” on the top layer.

mipholder.stl (63.6 KB)
mipholder.zcode (1.4 MB)