Unfinished printing work


I got a problem with my printing. The printing is sometimes not finished for the same ZCODE file. It stops at 90% or so. But on the screen, the process is marked as 100%. I used a USB disk to transfer the file.

The firmware version was 2.6.6, and the Z-SUITE is 2.32.0.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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v2 p1.1.zcodex2 (708.6 KB)


Did you happen to see the moment it stopped extruding material?

Is the extruder motor skipping then?

If possible please attach some photo of the failed print.

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Hi Pawel,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the moment of stop. So I really cannot give more info.

Here is a photo of the unfinished print. Everything is clean and well except the unfinished process.


Thank you for the photo, could you send as well the stl file of this model?

How is the bottom of the print and raft printing?

You can check below guide on problems with failed prints:

Do you have problems with other models?

Also you can try checking the extruder itself:

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Hi Pawel,

I imported the stl file to Z-suite, and here is the model
v2 p1.zprojx (727.4 KB)

The quality of the bottom is a lit bit poor. The quality decreases towards the origin of x-axis. It also took me some effort to remove the raft.

I checked the link. Since the printing process was marked as 100%, I did not list ‘material runs out’ as a reason. (In my case, the material did use up.)
I have not encountered the same problem in other models.


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If you have never printed the model before and it is an error for a new project, I suggest to rotate the model a little and re-slice it.
It happened to me some years ago a similar problem, maybe an error in the slicing process and I solved this way.

Good to find the root of the problem :slight_smile:

For the problem with separating model from raft you can try performing the autocallibration first, and then try increasing the first layer gap a bit if that didn’t help :slight_smile:

It also looks like raft could be printed too close to the platform as well if it’s hard to take it off the build plate - for that you can try increasing the platform-raft gap.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I will try.

Thanks! These suggestions do solve my problem of hard-moving raft.
But is it also the root of unfinished printing? Even though the printing process is marked as 100% on the screen.


I thought the root of the problem was that your material ended before the end of the print.

Did you try the suggestion of the roby?

Could you send me the stl file of the model?

Best Regards

At least now, Roby’s suggestion work well.

Here is the origin .stl file. Because the printer tends to go wrong under long printing time, I have to split the model into 8 pieces (using the ‘split model function’ in Z-suite.) This failed print is the left lower corner.
test v2.stl (1.7 MB)