Unlimited Z-height mod for Ultimaker! (Kickstarter)

I found this on Kickstarter and it's way too ingenious not to share:


This guy took his Ultimaker, flipped it upside-down, and mounted everything but the build platform to a sliding door rail he had lying around. Here's a video of him printing a freakin' life-size elephant: http://youtu.be/nzwaVQaQgmI

These kinds of crazy ideas are why I love the current state of 3D printing :)

Yes, nice! I saw it at RapidPro in Veldhoven, the Netherlands this Tuesday. Great innovation :) 

Imagine buying the filament to print that Elephant in the room! hahaha I think I can afford the trunk....maybe lol

The cool thing is that Zortrax would not even need to change the name. “Z-unlimited” fits right into the current product line.:smiley: