Unnecessary Support

Z-Suite (1.6.1 in this case) is generating support in places where it's absolutely not needed - the walls are vertical, with no overhangs. To make it go away, I need to set the threshold down to 20 or 30 degrees, which is not acceptable because this part has curved surfaces elsewhere that need a threshold of at least 45 degrees.

Sorry, I cannot share the model file.


support 3.JPG


support 2.JPG


support 1.JPG

I agree 100%

We need more possibilities to control the support IMHO, I would love to see an even more reduced support level e.g. only slim and spaced out vertival structures for 100% horizontal areas . This would help a lot for the majority of architectural models.

I wasn't really complaining about the program's functionality, I just think that this is a bug - that support should not be there.

Sorry, I cannot share the model file.

Even with me, through PM?:) 

Even with me, through PM? :)

I'll try to make a demo of the problem that I can share.

"Support 4" slices correctly, no excess support is generated. In "Support 5", I have simply added a hole in one wall; the result is useless support around the entire perimeter of the interior cavity wall.


support 4.JPG


support 5.JPG


support bug settings.JPG


support 4.stl


support 4.zcode


support 5.stl


support 5.zcode

Thanks Julia, reported already. 

It happens when Holes Offset is >0,10 (and support angle >40 but thats obvious). 

Also, Support Lite inside hole doesn't look perfect. 

Thanks, Marcin!

I don't think this is a bug...the offsets are applied to each z layer.  In support-5, the hole offset is applied near the cavity bottom because it is an inner contour at the cavity bottom z-slices. But when the z-slice hits the layer where the side hole in support-5 begins, the inner contour switches to an outer contour in the z-slice.... so at that point it's an outer contour and the outer contour offset is then applied.... that causes an overhang in the model, so z-suite adds support.



The support lite doesn't look right though

small holes are 3mm diameter

i would love to have more control over supports and more control over bridge setting threshold


also, on many models, it is sometime impossible to reach and clean the mini raft over the supports, when simpler supports would be enough and easier to clean.


I often find myself choosing another printer for specific models, just for that. An optional "raftless" support mode would be appreciated :)

yes , i opt for optional raftless support mode !!!!!!!!!!