upcomming Wi-fi feature request

Hello, I would like to request a feature for the wi-fi for zortrax M200.

As far as I can see the printer is controlled using menu knob, the idea is to make 2 menu items:

Wifi Setup - the usual setup UID, password etc.

Wifi Settings - the settings menu

Settings menu:

Function selected

Wifi On *

Wifi Off

Wifi on for 5 min

Wifi on for 10 min

This will allow the user to:

  1. Wi-fi always on

  2. Wi-fi always off (the user decides to use memory cards only)

3/4. Wi-fi on for 5 minutes or 10 minutes

When the 3rd and 4th mode is selected it works like this:

When you turn the knob clockwise [color=#2a52f5]“blue arrow”[/color] the menu works as always nothing happens.

When you turn the knob counter clockwise [color=#f53d18]“red arrow”[/color] for 3 revolutions the wi-fi is enabled for the time selected in the menu.

This would enable [color=#df40ff]Quick enabling[/color] while you send the sketch to be printed to the printer [color=#df40ff]without the need to browse the menu and click[/color]. It’s really fast and easy ! I use this on on of my Arduino projects.