I downloaded .06 and installed it on the SD card that came with the 200M. How does it update the firmware?


When you put the bin on the card and load the card into the M200 it sees the bin when you start up and loads the firmware to the machine.

very simple

The display indicates "BIOS 0.0.5". Is this the same as the firmware number? The Hardware version is 04.

Thanks, Guy

Hey there Guy

The information "BIOS 0.0.5" informs you about the firmware version present in your printer.



As I mentioned in my original post, I downloaded and installed version 0.0.6 on the SD card that came with the printer. Supposedly, the printer will see the update.bin file and update the firmware. Since version 0.0.5 is displayed, this update has not taken place. What do I need to do to correct this?



Please try to format your present SD card with FAT32, load the Update.bin file to it again and try to install the new firmware. If the problem is still going to occur, please contact me through the private message here at the forum so we can take a closer look at this case.

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