Update fail M200Plus and not possible to recover

I have a problem with my M200 Plus printer. The printer after the update stopped working. After starting, only the ability to enter the update appears. But it doesn’t update, it just stands on this update screen. After contacting Zortrax helpdesk, I received information that the motherboard is damaged and that we can contact the distributor to purchase a new one. All in all, it’s a bit sad that the manufacturer is releasing updates that damage the hardware in order to purchase a new board. But back on topic, the distributor asked for a photo of the motherboard to identify the specific version. I managed to remove the motherboard and found that it also has a button to enter the bootloader. After entering the bootloader and resetting the system, it turned out that, except for the logo at startup, the system is a regular android. Also gone was the Zortrax application. Any attempts to upload firmware downloaded from the site show errors “Verifying update package… E: footer is wrong, E: signature verification failed, Installation aborted.” Is there any way to upload firmware from the bootloader?