Update suggestion - Standby

Hi there,

I often print over night and most of the time my prints finish hours before I get up. Could we have an auto shut off/standby by mode which you can select to kick in after your print?


As it has been discussed on here there is only a hardware shut-off (all through a power switch) which means that software is not able to turn it off. As for standby, how do you mean? They already go into a state where everything other than the lights and computer are shut down (besides the fan - I wish they'd make that damn thing shut off so it wouldn't wear out). 

You could also use an outlet timer… Just set it an hour or so longer than the estimated print time…

You could also use an outlet timer... Just set it an hour or so longer than the estimated print time...

Personally I'd be worried about the inherent power surges that accompany those types of devices. You could put one on in front of a surge protector, but then the whole strip would be knocked out. 

What is different in a mechanical timer switch versus the mechanical switch in the printer? It just shuts the power off…

Or am I missing something? 😊

Actually you have a valid point that I had failed to consider. I would imagine that the integrated power switch is correctly surge protected, so shutting it off before the plug should make no difference. I guess I'm just paranoid about doing anything that has a chance of decreasing my precious printer's lifespan.  :D

Time to start looking into some timers...

I did think of using a timer on the plug, but because of the locality of a desk it is difficult to fit one. If it's an easy addition in a software update everyone could benefit from it easily rather than going out to buy a timer.

Re standby I was just referring to shutting everything off that isn't needed - lights, fan and whatever electronics wouldn't be needed in order to awaken the system by pressing the selector switch.

I'm sure it wouldn't be a particularly strenuous addition to an update, and will help reduce the running costs for anyone who isn't around when their prints finish without having to spend money on a timer.

Standby mode is a good idea - we can turn off motors and extruder fan after couple of minutes after print (when all of the parts will be cold). We added it to our list of future firmware updates.

Excellent. Thanks a lot Filip.

That’s very good news, thanks :slight_smile: