Urgent: Cannot generate ANY zcode

Hi I don’t know what is happening. It was a problem free period before Jan 2014. I can print every models easily with Z-suite 0.0.2 and 0.0.3 PC version. However, these few weeks the Z-suite is out of order. It crashs at just after “generating path 100%” in EVERY print. I have reinstall Z-suite and even have reinstall windows 7 once. The problem still here and I can print nothing…:frowning:

I then switch installing Z-suite 0.0.3 for Mac to my old Macbook. I am not able to escape from the crash…Please help what’s wrong with me. If anyone can help , I must say thanks a lot in my deep heart.

My machine firmware version: 0.0.2

I think problem is with your graphic card drivers. What kind of graphic card do you have ?

Best Regards

For my Mac, it is an old Intel GMA-950 with Duo core 1.83GHz

For my PC, I have to check it later and tell you later.

I hope I need not buying a new computer…

Try to download all updates from windows update and manually search for your graphic drivers in Intel website.

Finally the 3D printer gives me a reason to buy a new Mac. :slight_smile:

2.5Ghz i5, 4Gb ram with OSX 10.9.1

It generates zcode with super fast speed. I can enjoy the Zortrax printer again.

Thank all the staff for your support.