Using 3mm ABS filament on M200

Can you use 3mm ABS filament on the Zortrax M200? What would happen? 


I'm guessing it won't feed.. Hole is too small for 3mm filament.

thought so.... finding it hard to find cheaper filament in Canada. 

Can you order from Octave in the US? Shipping can't be that much to there..

We ordered a ton of follow focus gears from Cinevate in Canada and shipping wasn't too bad.. I'm in Colorado. Think it went Fedex or UPS ground.

Even if it would feed, it still definitely won't work. i.e. if you modified your entire material feed  and heating system to accept 3mm, you still have a problem you can't solve. The material feed rate is based on an area of 2.4mm^2 for 1.75mm filament.     3mm filament has an area of just over 7mm^2. Therefore the zortrax would try and push nearly 3x more plastic through the nozzle than it needs because you have no way of telling the software to recalculate for the larger cross-sectional area. So even if the nozzle could heat the extra plastic fast enough, which it probably can't, you would have dispensed 3x more plastic than your model needs. What a mess that would make :).

With a closed source system you have to carefully select your filament. If you buy Z-filament, it not only has the correct mechanical/thermal properties for the  M200, it's also the correct diameter. If you buy an alternative make you may find their 1.75 filament is actually 1.8mm which would put an extra 5.8% of filament into the model. This could result in a compromised surface finish etc.I'm sure there will be a good number of alternative filaments out there that can be used, but the diameter must also be correct.

... Or, you can purchase Zortrax filament from Canada: