UV-light - which one should I choose?

Hello Forum

We are another owner of a brand new Inkspire.
The first results are looking not great but unbelievable.

What UV light can be suggested?
Just regular sunlight?
Or a so called cure chamber?

Any helpful words are welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you,


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Hello Matt,

You can put the model in any source of UV light (e.g. direct sunlight oro nail lamp). Please remember that it will take longer until the model is fully cured in the sunlight (at least 10 minutes). 3-5 minutes under other source of UV light should be enough (just be careful with white/ivory resins - they might get brownish).

Thank you Karolina.
A nail lamp was not available ( I am a MAN! )… :wink:
So I went to the garden shop and bought a UV-lamp for plants.
Works quite well.

Right now I have problems getting the printed gizmos off the platform.
Really hard problems. They break when I try to put them off.

I keep on going :slight_smile:

Thank you, Karolina

Hi Matt,

A UV-lamp for plants sounds great! :smiley: Especially that it also works as intended :slight_smile:

When it comes to getting models off the platform - do you have such problems with all prints? Do you use Zortrax resins? Can you provide some photos?

Hello Karolina,

after several different tries I changed major parameters - especially the way of constructing parts for my new Zortrax Inkspire.
What I found out:
It makes sense to create the part in a different way as if you would print them with filament printers.

For example I decided not to use the automatic support structure creation but instead of this I already placed my desired support struchture as a part of my part.
So I can define the desired structure of the support exactly the way I want it to have.

And therefore there is no more problem getting off the parts from the platform any longer.

To your questions:
Yes, all of my prints had the same problem until I created my own support structure which I described above.
But I have to say: I never used the automatic support structure because it made no sense to me placing a part not just flat und the building platform.
Now it makes sense to me :slight_smile:

Yes, I use Zortrax resin black .

Photos will follow, sorry but not now. ( Honestly I am just too lazy… )

The parts that come from the printer are - especially compared to my filament printers - more than excellent.
Very accurate in all the measurements in x, y and z.

New topic :slight_smile:

The print ends.
I remove the printing platform.
I put it in the ultrasonic cleaner for about 5 minutes - using cold water only, no other solvent.
Then I use a sponge for removing the rest of the resin that still sticks on the platform.
After this I use pressured air to clean the parts and this takes away all the drops and moisture that still sticks on their surface.

After this treatment the parts look brilliant.
At this time they are still fixed on the surface of the printing platform.

The next step is to put them under UV light and I think that here starts my last problem before I get suitable parts from this whole effort.

As I told you I bought a UV lamp which is suitable for plants and even animals that are used to bright sunlight.
In my opinion this lamp does not have ANY affect to the curing procedure of the models.

Next I bought a UV lamp that is used to cure painted nails.
Same effect - which means none.

After curing under both lamps the parts still seem to be made of wet silicon.
Slippery might be another word for it.
Just a slightly tip on them and they break into pieces. No resistance at all.

This is why I changed the resin from the Zortrax grey to the Zortrax black pro

For me there is absolutely no difference in using these two materials - which obviously must result in using the wrong way of curing.

Any help would be more than appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hello Matt,

Thank you for a deteiled response. First of all, I am glad that prints come out fine with your own support structures and that you are satisfied with the quality Zortrax Inkspire provides :slight_smile: Still, please remember that you are free to add editable support in Z-SUITE, exactly in the places where it is necessary. I encourage you to take a look at this option.

Second of all, post-processing. Most of all - resin PRO do not require additional curing after the printing process. Take a look at step 1. This is why you might see no difference between the cured and uncured model. Also, models should be cleaned in IPA (at least 99%), not water. Otherwise, the model’s surface will still be sticky. Not to mention that the model should not be exposed to the UV light until it is completely dry. Please take a look at our post-processing guide, I believe you will find it useful. Please, follow these steps and let us know the result :slight_smile:

Best regards