V2 Hotend and Perf board

I purchased the new V2 hotend and V2 perf board recently but my V1 hotend and V1 perf board are still working fine.

What benefits will I get after installing the new hot end and/or perf board?  I gather the new hot end helps with Z-Glass, but are there any benefits for other Z-filaments?

Should both be installed at the same time and the V1 units be kept as backups?


The hot end has no nothing to do with the perfboard. You can keep using your V1 board with the V2 hot end.

Not sure about the benefits with other z filament than zglass. I personally think that it can’t hurt to keep the filament cooler further down…it should make feed and retract motions a tad more precise…

Since they both came out about the same time and ZSuite 1.0.1 shortly thereafter, I thought that maybe all 3 were intended to be used together to get the best results.

The benefits of ZSuite 1.0.1 upgrade have been at least superficially addressed by Zortrax in their blog but I don't recall seeing any official documents on the benefits of the new hot end and perf board.  It would be nice if someone from Zortrax could put something together to address that and put it in the Support Center.  And while they are at it, maybe they could fix the link to support info that appears on the Support Center page - at present it points one toward the Zortrax Store at least on the English version of the web site.