Varislice ?

Is there any chance that this wil be available in future releases of Z-suite

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll take a look at this.

I just tried the adaptive layers in Cura 3.5 with another printer : it is a very practical option to gain efficiency and time.

Here is an object that illustrates the benefit of having this kind of option in Z-Suite.

If we print the whole object in 0.29, it is very good for the almost vertical walls (the layers are little visible in this area) but it is very bad in the upper part very little inclined (the layers of 0.29 generate here a very big problem of quality).


If we print the whole object in 0.09, it will be perfect everywhere but we will lose an incredible time.



Axel are you using the Cura slicer with your Zortrax printer or did you do this on another brand of 3D printer ?

Because this would be helpful until we get this in Z-Suite.

Especially outside large roundings are for me very important. Now I always need to use a paste/filler to compensate this inaccuracy of the model.

And If the apoller is not to expensive it's also handy tool to smooth some esthetic inaccuracy in the prints. but it will definitely not solve this kind of ugly roundings.

If I have to say something I think it would be great to have an option to manual finetune this kind of things in Z-suite. But to be honest I think it should be used all the way automatically.

....Also inner surfaces do not need to be fine printed also in most case. Mostly the outer shell of a part is important.

Like you see I think there are a lot of cases possible, but not necessarily useable for every user.

I use Cura with a Witbox printer (from BQ)