Vase print - problem with surface


I have problem with printing vase. It will be better when I show pictures :(





- Hardvare v2

- z-suite 0.0.8 PC

- layer 0,14mm

- speed normal

- infill full

- support 0%

- fan 0%

Did you use internal supports?

I've gotten weirdness like that before, try reorienting the piece or using different support angles.

Or try using 20 deg "Support Lite" because the angle of the top is too low to print without it.  It won't be easy to remove the support from the inside though..

Try more fan, but for the figure I don't think 0 support will work. Zortrax has an issue with circular parts.

I reported the problem to support and still waiting for an answer :(

How thick are the walls? Try to add more material using the offset function (max. outer offset).

Try light infill and more fan for the lower section, too. This should help with the surface issues.