VAT Exclusion?

Where in the order process do I find the VAT exclusion button for companies?

I'm a tiny company in Sweden so I would like to order the machine using my VAT-number.

I obviously understand that the feature is somewhere in the EU Store. But where exactly? I tried going through the order process twice and all the way to paypal "pay now" after you've logged in to paypal. Can't find this feature anywhere.

thanks /Max

Hi Max,

go to and add to cart any product. Next go to checkout and login/register new account or pick Checkout Options as guest. Go to next step ( billing details) and simply fill out the form also "Business Type" field. Pick from dropdown VAT Exempt and put there your TAX ID.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks. I had already registered, maybe I wrote something erroneously during the registration process because the VAT-exclusion thingy never showed up. I ordered using a guest account and then it showed up.

Thanks for your help.

@Max, glad to hear that you resolve problem. If you will have any futher question, just make a topic and I will try to help you!

It would be great to add the feature "VAT ID / VAT exclusion" in the European Store, if customers have logged in.