Walls Splitting Vertically with Z-Nylon

Hi there,

I’ve noticed an issue with some of my prints lately, it has only been an issue with Z-Nylon, but the walls seem to split vertically inside the part as they cool. The outermost (or innermost in the case of holes) line of extrusion on every layer isn’t properly bonded to the rest of the wall, so when the parts cool, the wall forms a bubble where it has split. See the attached images and zcode:
45019-SwingAway Stabiliser Front 63mm-NYLON.zprojx (2.9 MB)

Would changing the “max wall thickness” for Z-Nylon prints solve this? I imagine this is caused by the wall not being able to be divided evenly for extrusion, but we have never changed the wall thickness from default I believe. Previous Z-Nylon parts weren’t subject to these issues (I can still print Z-Nylon parts fine that were sliced a few months ago in a previous version of Z-Suite) nor are the same issues presenting with other materials or on our M200Plus. So unsure if where this issue is coming from as it seems to be only on the M300Plus.

Thankyou for any assistance you could provide.
Alistair Cole

Hello Alistair,

Which version of the Z-Suite are you using and firmware of the printer?

You could try changing the Contour-Infill gap.

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Also please try using our Z-Suite Beta version - it should help with your problem.

If the problem were to persist, please try changing the offset inner contours option.

Best Regards