Wanted: Anyone got an old hotend that is still functional?

Had a print go wrong and the whole hotend/nozzle got covered in ABS, trying to remove the nozzle from the hotend it sheared off inside.

I have been trying various things to extract it (heat/pentrating oil/soaking in acetone) and I'm going to get a screw extractor on it tomorrow, but I dont much fancy my chances.

The £70 price of that tiny bit of aluminium makes me wince, so just wondering if anyone has replaced an old but still functional hot end and doesn't mind passing it on for a few quid?

Where are you located?

UK, Manchester

The screw extractor arrived today and sure enough it was useless, just did a good job of destroying the aluminium thread the brass fits into.

Can you help out Michael? I will have to just bite the bullet if not as my old hot end is beyond repair now. 

edit: just noticed you are in Chicago, so a fair distance from me :)

Postage to the UK would probably cost more than buying a new one from Zortrax.

If you think not, PM me and maybe we can come to an arrangement.  As it happens I need something from Germany and the seller will only do electronic transfer or cash in euros and I will have trouble with either of those methods.

Just PM-ed you.