Warped top surface layer


Sometimes part of whole of the top surface layer becomes warped. What could be the cause?

Material - ASA (but it happens with other materials too)

Tested on several prints before with no such issue (exactly the same settings). It seems a bit random, but infuriating.

Hi @Tommar ,

  1. Please check if the fans that cool down the print work. You have the fan test option in Tools in Firmware.

  2. Increase the fan speed in Z-SUITE. Change the setting from Auto to 100%

  3. Add more top layers in Z-SUITE.

  4. Has the zcodex2 been prepared in Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA? Is it a standard profile of Z-ASA or a modified one from the external materials section?
    Please send me the file.

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I already deleted the file but here is recreated one with the same parameters.
spacer.zcodex2 (473.3 KB)

I disable cooling fans for ASA as it is generally suggested and I’ve had best results with this option off for both ASA and Nylon.

I used external material from F3dFilaments, because once again - I had the best results with it.

Z-Codex had been prepared with currently up to date Z-SUITE


Hi Tommar,

can I also have an .stl file, please? Since you are using an external ASA - I would like to run a test print using Z-ASA Pro. In general, this part of the model looks overheated, which could have been intensified by the infill type (solid) and 0% fan.

When was the last time you replaced consumable parts such as the hotend or heater&thermocouple? If one of these parts is worn-out, this could have affected the print too.

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Kyc_spacer.stl (34.2 KB)
I’d wager it may as well go well a few next times. It’s just something that pops up from time to time. There’s not much I can do about cooling, it I use the fan I’m going to have highly warped bottom surface and likely the print will pop up during printing. I have Z-ASA-pro, newly purchased for testing.
Sadly I can’t run the print currently due to This
By the way - how often do you suggest X/Y axis motor replacement? It seems both of mine gained some resistance on torque.

Hello Tommar,

thank you for the file. I will print it so we can compare the results.

As for the XY motors - rarely do they fail, hence we do not provide their approximate lifespan. However, if the pulleys rotate with resistance once turned manually - then yes, the motor might need replacement.

Yup, both X and Y motors rotate with noticeable resistance after 4600h of work done. I’m quite astonished as well…