Warping expert needed

Hey all,

I know there are a few topics on warping already and I did search through them but I'd like to dig a little deeper in the phenomenon.

First here are some facts I'd like to confirm or negate with you guys.

1) Warping happens because of the plastic shrinking layer per layer when cooling down.

2) Warping happens because the bottom layers are more hot than the layers above. The layers above shrink more than the bottom layers which cause the cooling layers above to pull towards the center of the long part you are printing. By pulling on the hot bottom layers which have not shrunk as much as the layers above, the warmed down layers above cause the bottom layer to detach from the base plate.

3) Higher infill makes warping worst.

4) Printing faster is better with warping issues because there is less time to cool down between each layer

5) The higher the bed temperature the less the bottom layer sticks to the bedplate.

If you were to have a perfectly closed printed maintained at a hot temperature (50-60 Celsius... even higher?), would it totally eliminate warping if once the print is done you cool the whole thing down at once?

Could a lower bed temperature help?