Warping why not?

Hello marta

Following the previous problem, I changed the cable, the perforated tray, the hot-end, the nozzle, the pcb and the thermistor / resistor.
After that, I started jobs, and I had a good results
Yesterday evening, I wanted to launch another job, bigger surface / volume and I had warping on the front side of the board.

I tried 2 times, the same.

I disassembled the perforated tray to clean it.
And the same, always problems.

I am very surprised, disappointed, no luck …
An idea of why?

I use black Z-ABS Zortrax filament, standards parameters of Z-Suite.
I have Zortrax hepa cover and Zortrax panels.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, Bob.

  1. What calibration values do you get?
  2. Have you set fan speed in Z-SUITE to 0%? This is recommended when printing bigger models.
  3. Is HEPA Cover fan speed set to minimum?

You can also take a look at our Complete Guide on How to Avoid Warping. Z-ABS Juice mentioned in the last paragraph is simple to prepare and it can really reduce warping.

hello Marta.

1 Front, value too low, 0.5mm.
==> Corrected

2 Speed Fan, Auto
==> set to 0. New info for me.

3 HEPA cover fan placed in the middle.
==> set to minimum

Job started.

FYI, I have already started this job and no problems so far.


Thanks for the information. Let me know how it turned out :slight_smile:

Hello marta.

Results of the tests, Hepa cover fan at minimum, fan speed set to 0:
I have less warping, but there are still some.

I resolved my problem punctually by printing separate objects (and not in groups)

It remains for me to try with glue, but it goes against the plug and use and it bores me a little.


No need to worry about the Z-ABS juice. Just don’t apply it near the small connector, it doesn’t affect the calibration process.
As for the calibration, can you recalibrate the platform and take a picture of the values that you get?