hi guy that's my first post here

after a year struggling with a prusa i3 i finall bought a m200.. In one week i almost finished one spool, so i guess is working well and hard ;)

I'm having some issues with large prints, the raft is sticking strongly to the platform but the model bends on one corner detatching from the raft, i'm printing a mold and in one corner thickess i lower by 1mm from what i was expecting.

I used z-abs, light infill, 0.29 mm thickness, no support.

I left the printer working unattended so i don't know if someone has opened windows or stuff like that.

i attach both the model and the zcode.

Could adding some fillet improve my issue?

thank you

Do you have sides/door on the printer?

They make a big difference, I use a hood as well.

Ambient temperature in the room is a factor, and sudden breezes blowing through are undesirable.

Big prints in ABS almost always warp, very hard to avoid. You can slice the model into smaller pieces then glue it.

You could also try Z-HIPS, which I'm really enjoying working with, but it's ridiculously expensive. It warps much less.

This objects shape and dimensions beg for warping.

You could try to print it upright and diagonal (with support lite), of course HIPS could lower warping too.

You could also try this.. Less mass around the edges should help reduce warping..

thank you, i'll give it a try