weakest link

We need a stronger platform as you can see it is lifting with the stress of the larger prints

I see the new platforms have more holes to hold it better can I drill and tape in the heated bed?

we need a platform about 3 to 4 mm thick this will help a lot can this be custom made ?

Maybe it is too old and it's starting to become weaker.

Is that laywood?

Looks nice any mods to temp?

No that is gold ABS 

This material have a high shrinkage rate, you can upgrade your plate and drilled additional holes, but I don't know if this will help, this material looks very strange.

thanks Rafal I was printing with a gold abs plaictic, that job is dun and out the door,

  I jest need to fix it  for the next big print 

The latest version does have additional holes, as you say (got mine yesterday) but I haven't printed anything large on it yet. I've had experience of printing on perf board before (Afinia) as well as glass (Ultimaker 2). You might find that if this plastic has a very high contraction, printing on a stiffer plate actually causes the part to become unstuck from the perf board. I found on my Afinia that the perf board sometimes deformed due to the stresses, but the part did remain attached and completed printing successfully, where as on the UM2 it would just detach and make spaghetti. Therefore you might find with that particular plastic you can only print shallow parts anyway. Having had experience of both extremes in terms of open and closed source printers, I think that closed source does have benefits despite being necessarily limited. i.e. the Zortrax team will only present you with plastic options they know work with their software setting and hardware, and if there are issues they will endeavour to resolve them for you. From my point of view this means a lot less R and D to get things to work which I'm extremely grateful for. There probably are a number of plastics not in the Zortrax range that will print acceptably on the M200 but finding them could take time, and may result in collecting spools of plastic that you can't use, although some companies will send you samples (but not FOC).


please offer an upgrade kit to replace the entire heated-bed assembly.

That would be great. Thanks.

I have the V1 platform and have zero deforming of the perfboard when using the Zortrax filaments...even when printing over the whole platform. That gold stuff must have crazy shrinkage...I think it needs less extruder temp, too...otherwise it would pop off the raft first before pulling the perfboard up so much. 

That looks lilke some ABS I still have which is also Gold I use it on mini and it came out very ugly, different from the other ABS from the same manufacturer I'm sure somthing has to do with pigment , same goes for the "silver" color.

I think those who want an "upgrade" just need to get a drill and make the holes using one of the latest beds as guide.. That platform is aluminum very easy to drill.

Also as Andre points out Z-filaments offer a low warpage rate compared to "cheapier" filaments because indeed they are more expensive than Z-filaments...