Weekend Program


I want add several pices to make program for all weekend and never end to slicing.
When i see GPU use wont use GPU. If need i can send the project file for debug.



Let me please sum it up - you would like to slice several files at once but Z-SUITE does not even start slicing them, right? Does it work fine when you want to prepare models separately?

Can you send us the files you are having problems with?


Start slicing but never end, i test in a new pc and do the same, when add files to make 2 days print its done, after add some more never finish, the models separately work fineCaja1Lateral.zprojx (8.7 MB)



Thank you for the explanation and file, I will check it.


Any news?
PD: if need more files i can send it.


Hi. I have managed to slice your .zprojx, I tried different printer types, model’s orientation and settings. If you provide screenshots of what exact settings you need (together with the printer’s model and models’ orientation on the platform) - I will send you a .zcode/zcodex. file.


You can slice in the seconds settings? the layer thickness is in 0.09?


What about the printer model, material, infill level?



I try changing the pc for one new with i7 9 generation and 32 gb of ram and still cant.


No solution? i dont know how can use the printer in the weekend


Cant do anything? is another software compatible with the printer?


Hello, I aplogize for the delay. Actually, I am having problems with slicing the model with the settings you set. Have you tried reducing the infill level? This could to the trick. No, there is no other software compatible with the printer.