Weight of a spool?

Does anybody know the weight of a empty spool? So I can easy see what is left to print.
I usually print with Z-Ultrat.

Thanks in advance!

Old spool type weighs 177 grams, new type weighs 185 grams (approximately).

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Hello Marta,
some reseller sell old spools now. Can you add Photos from old and new one please.

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The new spools have an indicator on the side of the spool so you can see how much is left on the spool.
The old spools are not so good looking as the new ones :wink:

Hi samba,
thank you for prompt response.

What I miss, is the date of production. There is only the batch with letters.
On the spools of material4print or Procatec is the date of production on every spool.


Any idea what is the weight of an empty 2000g spool? (For e.g. M300 Z-PETG 2000g).

very good and useful

383,75g - 2000g spool with usage indicator