Weird layer pattern generated by zsuite


I recently ran into issue with latest zsuite (2.7.1) - it generates rather strange layer pattern (look at the corner of part)

I attached screenshots of previews of 4 layers (3 of them are wonky one looks fine) - On actual printed part surface that rests on support looks like crap

(exactly like on preview - one circle raised above the rest + one 'dot' of material when it should be flat)

As far as I remember it didn't happen in previous zsuite (I printed very similar part but not exactly this one)

Is this a slicing bug or am I missing something?

There's a new type of infill (added in 2.7.1) but users found some issues; Zortrax is recommending people to use an earlier version of z-suite right now

We found couple of bugs in the version 2.7.1. Please update to the version 2.7.2.

If you still find some issues there, don't hesitate to let us know.