Weird surface quality

Using Zultrat Ivory at .14 solid, 30%support light, autofan, normal seam

I looked at different ways to print these two objects, I would post the file and the pics of them but can't due to proprietary information, but the surface quality that came out when I took the support off was kinda weird, cool if I was looking for a ridged type surface, but weird.

Here are a couple pics of the surfaces. I am printing this again flipped over and with a new nozzle, though the nozzle had nothing to do with it as the other surfaces were great.

I am curious if its just the .14 setting as I really haven't used it before. I usually use .09 or .19 but wanted better than .19 and to save a few hours didnt want .09.

Any idea? 


It's a bit difficult to tell what you're showing.....are you talking about the hard mesh where support/raft contacts the model for ultrat? This also shows up strongly for PETG, Z-Glass. If printing models with large surface support and surface finish at the support area matters, I usually switch to ABS, HIPS, or PCABS because they often hide it much much better. Heat gun or acetone can reduce it a bit in a lot of case.

Also Julia had a method for printing without a raft, onto a flat build platform..... works up to version 1.4.1. Software change makes it not work newest versions. But I think you can roll back, or make a model change to do it.