What Happened Here?

So I was printing a model I've printed multiple times with Z-ASA Pro and when I came back to check on it when it was done it was like this. Uhhhh how did this happen? This has never happened before and this is unexpected. Oh well. I thought I'd post this up to see if anyone has had a print fail like this before.

Hi there!

The print detached from the platform (or the model detached from the raft) and the extruder run into it taking it off totally.

Do you have side covers? Do you use ABS juice?

Hi there Marcin, 

I do have the side covers and I do not use ABS juice. The model detached from the raft, the raft was still on the print bed when I came back. 

Please level the bed another time and let me know about the results. Also, I would turn the fan off in order to get better adhesion of the print to the raft.

I will try to re-level the bed. As for the fan speed I normally use the default Z-ASA Pro profile on Z-Suite and keep it on Auto. Does this "Auto" setting have the fan set to something like 30%? Or does it automatically adjust to different percentages while printing? That's something I have always been curious about, but haven't found an answer to. 

The auto setting adjusts automatically the speed of fan.