What is Z-ABS v2?


Hello Zortrax,
I have seen that with the latest version of Z-Suite you have added support for Z-ABS v2.
Could you tell us what is new with this material?
Thank you.


Yes excellent question, I ask myself the same question. Can you tell us more about this topic?


Hello guys,

Z-ABS v2 material will have a slighty different mixture. Thus, it was necessary to create a new Z-SUITE profile with a different configuration.

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Is Z-ABS v2 a new material ?
I don’t see it in the list of materials on Zortrax webshop.
Will it replace the Z-ABS ?
Will it also replace the Z-ultrat ?
Will you continue to sell the Z-ABS for the M200 ?


Starting from April 1st, two types of Z-ABS material are included in the range of our materials - Z-ABS and Z-ABS v2. Both have the same properties, however, as their printing settings differ - two profiles, Z-ABS and Z-ABS v2, are available in Z-SUITE. The spools of both Z-ABS types are tabbed accordingly, and we recommend making sure which one you’re using by checking the material sticker and choose the right printing profile. In case you’re printing a .zcode or .zcodex previously sliced for Z-ABS, slicing them again with Z-ABS v2 profile is necessary for printing with the v2 material type. This information is listed in our Zortrax online store. Also, the material won’t replace Z-ULTRAT.


Thank you for the clarification.
But how can i be sure that a trader (other than the zortrax webshop) sells the Z-ABS for M200 and not the Z-ABS v2 for M200+ ?
I have an M200 and I don’t have an M200+
I buy white Z-ABS regularly (irreplaceable by a white abs from another manufacturer ; the white ABS from zortrax is perfect for making diffusers for luminaires) : how will I know if the trader is selling the right quality for me ?

You do not answer my question: will you continue to sell the Z-ABS again?
Or soon only the Z-ABS v2?


Depending on availability - we will be selling both Z-ABS and Z-ABS v2. Also, please note that Z-ABS v2 is also available for M200, not only for the Series Plus. Both profiles are available in Z-SUITE. As for information which material version your trader is selling - it would be best to ask them directly. Or, both materials will be available for purchase in their online store. When it comes to your question regarding the colour/shade - sadly, I am unable to tell if there will be any difference at the moment.


Thank you for the clarification.
Which version of Z-Suite allows you to choose the Z-ABS (v1 or v2) ?
I use Z-Suite 2.12 and I don’t see the 2 profiles.


You are welcome. I am using newest 2.12.2 Z-SUITE version. In Z-SUITE Beta 2.14.0 support for Z-ABS v2 was also added.


Thanks for adding to M200.