What we want in next version / update of Z-Firmware M200


My suggestion:

1. Real time (not %) when printing is finished

2. Automatic switch off after printing

My question:

1. Heating time of board is calculated to printing time in Z-Suite?

Other things that would be fantastic to have :

1)The ability to pause in real time as well as at predetermined layers - for when you notice you need to change filament reels due to it running low.

  1. The ability to stop / abort a print midway - for when the print is warping or has issues and you want to avoid wasting further filament.

  2. Platform jog controls - to raise and lower the platform - for when you need to lower the platform after stopping a print - currently you have to manually rotate a greasy z screw with your hands. Also needed for raising the bed to level the print bed.

  3. The ability to start a new print without having to switch the power on and off to reset the print bed heater.

There are other functions but they are more software than firmware related so I will start a separate thread to detail these rather than hijack this thread.

+1 to both pioo's and jayceekeys' wish list items.

Hopefully Zortrax will reply and let us know if they are working on any of these items and give us a rough idea when they might be available.


I've had my Zortrax printer for a few days now and even after just a few prints realize how badly all of Jay's suggestions are needed, especially the jog control and a way to abort a bad print.

It would also be nice to have a screen that shows you the platform and extruder temperatures.

Would be possible to interface jog and possibly other controls for the M-200 through the USB port to a PC or Mac?  It would be useful to have a sort of master control screen and interface on the PC/Mac.  Axes could be jogged with the arrow/page up/down keys or maybe even with numeric input with a digital readout on the PC/Mac, somewhat like a CNC machine.


Better retrieval of printing settings by these two ways.

1. Opening of zcode file could allow to show the settings used.

2. Append on file name some information about settings used, with this sequence: thickness (FL, SD, MD, LT), infill, support, cooling.

model [.19-FL-10-40].zcode

1. Reverse the sort order in the "model" menu so we have the latest model first.