What's the best way to remove support material

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new here and also a beginner in 3D printing.

But after printing some parts. I have discovered that I need a lot of time to remove the support material.

I have been using the tools delivered with my M200, and I must say I like the cutting plier the most. (Most secure tool)

And this morning I have been using my Dremel with an extension and also this a nice tool to make some very small adjustments at the part. but not for removing the support material.

And I'm talking about removing inner support material.

How do you all do this ? is there a simple trick to do this.

It's very time consuming if you ask me like it's now.

Any sort of cheap dental picks work pretty well. EBAY!!! :D

I use bad-quality orange-handled nippers (came with the Up - bigger blades than the blue ones that came with the M200) to grab flat support, twist, and snap it off (they're not good for cutting, but you don't want to cut support, you want to snap it off). I also bought a few sets of cheap wood-carving chisels, they're good for flat support where the big scraper can't get in. As Kyle says, dental picks are great, but they're also a bit fragile and will break in cases where a lot of force is needed. For these cases I use bigger hardware store or Harbor Freight picks. There's one that has a double bend near the tip which is absolutely fantastic for getting flat support off of deeply recessed areas where nothing else will work.

You have to be patient, careful, and persevering. Sometimes it seems like a piece of flat support is completely bonded to the part and there's no way to get it off, then you find the magic spot and - pop! - off it comes in one piece. You just have to find the magic spot :)

Indeed it is all about magic spots. Usually we clean everything on the ultrasonic tank( soluble support) :lol:

But sometimes even if it is soluble is far better remove it by hand unless it's really impossible to get it out of there.

And it comes very handy to know how to identify where to insert the tool to remove it.

I have one of these and they are prety good


Okay !!

Thank you all, I hope my hardware store nearby does have them.