What's the firmware 1.0.2 from 26 March 2016 ?

What's the firmware 1.0.2 from 25 March 2016 ?

It looks like a new firmware, but it has the changes from the previous in it.

Any explanation ?

Take a look:




i got an answer from a staff member:

it is a minor update to 1.0.1

Maybe is its a patch that prevents the use of "Z-Mod"

Zortrax claim they have update the following:

  • New interface with new fonts and graphics
  • New important safety improvements
  • Added support for other languages (starting from Polish)
  • Added support for non-Ascii characters in file names
  • Added signal sounds (one short beep at the beginning of the print and pause, two short beeps at the end of the print, long beep after error)
  • Added lifetimer (working hours counter)
  • Added possibility of changing light, buzzer and Sleep Mode settings
  • Improved algorithm for file checking
  • Improved platform moving in Maintenance menu
  • At the beginning of the print test point will be randomly chosen (prevent from perforated plate scraps)
  • Various bug fixes

But this was all done in a previous version 

are you refering to the z-temp mod or to another mod, i dont know of ?

Local  reseller told me that it mainly improved communication with SD card I tested it and my Kingstone 8GB card which before result as files not found now working correctly.

On the z-temp website it says that z-temp is also compatible with 1.0.2

thank you mark82 for the hint !