Whats the point of the shell setting?


Whats the point of the shell setting if its impossible to use supports generated or customized? We want to use the shell option but we also need the supports… is this an oversight or Im missing something?

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Shell infill allows printing the model with 0% infill and no top and bottom surface layers (however, you can still print the bottom surface). This mode is mostly used for printing rather basic geometric shapes or vases (spiral mode). However, it is impossible to add support structures there.

However, if you need to print the model with support - you can use mesh infill instead. It allows to print the model with 0% infill with horizontal surfaces (top and bottom) and the walls.

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Thank you for the reply, yes, I figured that if I select zero percentage infill it would mostly do what I wanted, the only downside is that I can’t choose the shell width using that workaround.

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