Which filaments is it possible to use with Zortrax M300


I just took a look at the official website and I saw it was only possible to print the Z Hips, Z Glass and Z Petl with the M300

I saw on a site selling the M300 and also in a review that it also was possible to print the Z Ultrat

Is it possible to print the Z Ultrat ? What about the Z Pcabs and Z ABS ?

Why is it possible for those last ones with the M200 and not the M300 ? Will it be possible in the future ?

Thanks a lot for answer,


Z-Ultrat Z-PCABS and Z-ABS are not printable (currently) on the M300. As far as I am aware,  the limitation is in Z-Suite as the hardware M300 is nearly mechanically identical to the M200. There are obviously many cases you could print in those materials on the M300, and major drawbacks with having a broken ecosystem between the M200 and M300. However, Zortrax has said that they believe that enabling those materials would provide bad PR for them, as people will try to print geometries they obviously shouldn't in those materials (and then posting failed prints on the web). So at this time it sounds like those materials will not be available on the M300 for the foreseeable future. I understand why, but disagree with the decision as I think the value loss is huge and I think there are simple solutions to guide people to not print certain geometries.

Also note another material probably coming to the M300 (PLA based), probably earlier first half of the year.