Which Software Firmware Combination?

Hi Forumites

I am both new here and to the world of 3D Printing and recently purchased a M200 which will be with me on Wednesday - so I am very excited.

It’s sole purpose is to compliment my workshop metal lathe and milling machine so will be printing prototypes and mechanical parts.

From my research the M200 is a good bit of hardware, although it appears it’s shortcomings are poor Software and Firmware releases. This is extremely disappointing and I trust the software engineers at Zortrax are working hard to correct these issues?

I certainly don’t want to be struggling with overhang, stringing and size problems in the Z-plane…

Can you good fellow members suggest a stable and working Software and Firmware combination to use for accurate and repeatable results.

Thanks in advance


Hm, very strange information you have. The Zortrax software Z-Suite is the most powerful software on the market, you can find a lot perfect prints. Firmware is stable and working perfectly.

Just going on the info in these few threads that I care to list, it looks like there are issues, then again perhaps these are just single user occurrences?  That being said, it looks like the only solution for some of these users was to revert back to a previous Software/Firmware combination so that they could once again return to successful printing.






There have been a few problems with the machines in the past when it comes to firmware. For whatever reason when a new patch comes out it may run fine on every machine, but a small percent will encounter problems which would require a downgrade in FW/SW. On the current firmware I have 2 machines that are running a bit hotter then normal causing the raft to stickto the prints more then they should, replacing parts does not help at all but moving back a firmware patch helps. It is just something people gotta deal with on this machine sometimes.


I always run latest software and firmware, I have printed more than 6000 hours on my machine, never had any trouble. Don`t worry, it is unlikely that you will be disappointed. Enjoy your new machine!

Latest software and firmware on all 3 of mine, and I'm quite happy with the results.

Thanks for all the replies guys!

Yes, running the the latest and very impressed with the results.  Just not happy with the Z-PETG filament.  I have already voiced my opinion on this in another thread so won't post it here again.

I do wish Zortrax would allow a "Super Advanced" category with some sort of Disclaimer to the User to the effect of use this at your own risk....  At least this will allow us to make small tweaks to the filament temperature settings for extrusion (we live in different climates and conditions....) Z-Axis gap when hotend moves from one area of the model to the next so it does not collect blobs and create strings - I have only noticed this with Z-PETG.

Remove supports where they are really not needed - this would be extremely useful!!

Picture is of my Bolt and T-Nuts for the protective panels on my mills work table.



Zortrax has its faults, but they are really serious about their software.

That doesn't mean they get it right first time every time, but they will.

I'm keen for the PETG too, but I think we'll need to see a few updates before they perfect it.