Which Z-ABS filament has the highest heat resistance?

I've not used Z-petg but it seems it's most useful for acidity,  Curious if any of these Z-ABS series fillaments are designed for heat resistance and which is the highest?  Any third party fillaments like nylon etc.

Not much of a chemist..

PEEK is a fillament that is coming to desktop printing.  Any idea if this would work with Z-temp perhaps?  Julia, nudge, nudge.


The link you posted says PEEK has a melting point of 343, Z-Temp allows you to adjust temp up to 325 so this probably means PEEK isn't possible on the m200.

I have never come across an ABS that claimed to be more heat resistant that normal. 

Thanks, I was curious if I could overdrive the Z-Temp somehow without a failure but it's max heat output is probably just that the max it's capable of giving the amount of voltage being sent.  Appreciate your reply.

The PTFE tube material in the extruder has a phase change at 327C. See what happens here


According to M200 specifications, the M200 extruder is capable of reaching 380C. So to print PEEK, you have to get rid of the PTFE tube and replace with something else (metal tubing or another material such as graphite) or a different hot end altogether. You also likely need a separate driver for the extuder heater (and possibly a new heating element) because although the extruder maybe able to reach 380C, it's likely not going to have the thermal power to drive it there quickly (triggering error states, and if not, likely poor print quality).

The other thing is you'll probably want a heated enclosure.

The link in the OP says the hotend must maintain temps of 400C to effectively use PEEK.