Why are my printouts all stringy?

Everything’s been working well with my M200, until I tried to print Thingiverse 2061586 in ASA-Pro. I had just finished printing four of them in Ultrat, and they worked fine, but when I switched to ASA-Pro, I got:

I’ve recently cleaned and lubricated the rails, tightened all the screws, and it didn’t get any better.

Possibly related:

  1. I’m trying to use a 2KG spool of Blue ASA-Pro because Zortrax discontinued that color, and that was all I could get. I printed the M300 spool on M200 by IanP – Zortrax Library and wrapped it in teflon pipe tape, and it doesn’t seem to be under significantly more tension than before. I also used an 800g spool of white ASA-Pro and am getting essentially the same problem, though not as severe(?).

  2. My printer has nearly 5300 hours on it. I’m running Firmware 1.3.1 on HW 4.

  3. I’ve tried a new nozzle several times to no avail. I use separate nozzles for Ultrat and ASA-Pro, and ‘load filament’ several times with the nozzle removed to get rid of all remnants of the ‘other’ material when I change over.

Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!

Update: Now it’s doing it with all materials and all prints. Anyone?

I’ve been struggling with this too. Although happens worst when i print external PLA, also happens with Z-Glass, but not on Z-Ultrat so far.

I’ve been fiddling with the settings for external PLA, temperature (low), fan speed (high), retraction (high)… I’ve made it better but not eliminated it.

Its a new nozzle for me too so i dont think it’s that.

Well, don’t I feel stupid. I ordered the MicroSwiss M200 nozzles from Amazon, and didn’t notice that I was ordering 0.6mm nozzles. Strangely, using the new nozzles was the problem, and using another new one didn’t help.


Hi @wpns,

as the printer has already done around 5300 hours - most likely some consumable parts require replacement if you have not done this lately. The heater&thermocouple, extruder PCB, or extruder cable might be worn-out. Also, we would recommend to replace the hotend v2 with an original one. Moreover, run the fan test via menu to check if they are both operational. The maintenance guide can be found on our support center.

Best regards