Why does Z axis don't stop when there was a overshoot in X or Y axis

Did have a crash this week because the motor belt or some of the fixing screws ( and they are ridiculous small )come loose from the set collars of the X axis or did not have not enough tension.

Why is this not detected by the motordrive ? Force,voltage and current do change in this case !!!!!

My buildplate does have holes now from the heated nozzle searching for a metallic spot on the build plate.

So please correct this !!! It's unacceptable that a simple auto calibration routine can do such harm.

I also ask myself why I should have 5 points for making my build laying in 1 surface. 3 is enough period !

But I could recon that having more points could say something about the state of my build plate.

And before I forget something the 4 pillars be need the build plate are also unneeded.

and also no need for 3 adjusting screws but 2 is more than enough.