Why is the m300 so much slower?


Our M200 are aging and I have to use the M300 more but its so slow… why is it so much slower than the M200 ? The cost we charge to our customer is mostly based on time to print, so the same batch on a NEW printer take much longer and cost much more.

Same model, same settings… 3 more hours… See attached files.

Even worse, the M200 using ABS has 0.40 layer and the M300 doesnt. It saves another hour with that increase layer height. Why doesnt the M300 has the same setting ?

Halp… :frowning:

Equerre_Porte_Compact.zcode (2.8 MB)
Equerre_Porte_Compact_M300.zcodex2 (632.3 KB)


we have just released new firmware (2.6.10) that introduces a new option - Print Speed Adjustments which allows you to control (increase) the speed of printing. We have been thoroughly testing this feature with great results. You can read more about this new feature here: M SERIES PLUS/M300 DUAL - SPEED MODE.

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Awesome thank you, thats great !

Now Zsuite need an option to stack parts… :yum: