WIFI Disconnection


After uploading a file to the printer over WIFI, the WIFI connection is disconnecting after a while and I can't connect to the printer again to see the print, is this an problem or do I something wrong

Do other devices connected to the network work without any problem?

Please check if the problem is there when connecting the printer to a different network, a hotspot from a mobile phone for instance.

Please contact me via PM and provide me with the version of firmware you have installed on the machine, version of Z-SUITE you're currently using and the serial number of your printer.

Sorry for the delay

When I startup the M200 plus printer, there is a adress like 192.xxx.x.xxx, if I type this adress while I add a new 3D printer window, the connection is there and the connection stay until the next morning, If I poweroff the 3D printer and poweron the 3D printer I must type the adress on the printerdislay again in the add-on window in the computer and now I have connection with the printer

I used a macbook-pro and the firmware is 1.1.2, I use Z-suite 2, version

When I connect to an other network I have the same problem

If the address changes, then you probably need to make a DHCP reservation in your router for the 3D printer to have a static IP address.

Wifi connection stops after a few hours of use. I switch then the WIFI off and on again and the printer is back on the network.
The printer has a fixed ip on my network like my other printers. The DHCP has a different range.
For example the printer has and de DHCP range is to (mask
The other devices remain connected.
Firmware 1.3.2 (M200 plus)

Hi, @FLurk1967.

How many devices do you have connected to that network?
Can you switch the IP to static and set it manually to be in the range of the DHCP? Does it stay connected then?

De APN is a linksys AC1750 pro. 8 devices at the moment are connected with now problems.
i have tried with a fixed IP in the DHCP range and an automatic IP. After a couple of houres de WIFI is gone on the machine. On the display there is now IP behind WIFI.
Solution machine off and then on.

Would you be able to check whether Wi-Fi disconnects when the printer is connected to some kind of hotspot (from your phone for example)?