Wifi on new "old" M300 printers not working

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We bought one M300 dual and one M300 Plus recently. They are older stock (I assume) from our local distributor as the production dates are 2018.

We booted up and upgraded to the latest firmware. For the M300 dual we went straight to V2.2.3. On the Plus we went to v1.5 then V2.0 then V.2.2.3.

Eitherway, on both printers the wifi does not seem to be functioning. On the settings menu it says WIFI “off” and Ethernet “on”. When I tap the ethernet option there is an on/off toggle switch (and we successfully tested a wired connection with the Dual). However, when I tap the “WIFI” option, I get a mostly blank screen. Just a banner on top with the text “WIFI”. No toggle button. No scanning. No list of access points. Please advise.


Is the WiFi module plugged into the port at the right side of the printer? The WiFi dongle should be delivered together with the USB drive.

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Hi Karolina. Thank you for your response.

My M300 plus shipped without the dongle. I approached my local distributor from whom I bought it and they sent me a wifi dongle free of charge.


Thank you for the update. I am really glad to hear the reseller provided the missing WiFi dongle.

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